Workshop for Teachers

30 July 2017     National Seminar by Physical Education Foundation of India (PEFI)

Mr. Rajender Arya attended a National Seminar jointly organised by the Physical Education Foundation of India (PEFI) and D.S Public School, Muzaffarnagar on 'Renaissance of Sports and Yoga -Strategies, Challenges and Policies on 30th July 2017 at D.S Public School, Muzaffarnagar (U.P.).


11 July 2017  Global reach: The United India, Education foundation at Hailey   Road- Alumni meet.

Ms. Sudha Bakshi was invited to USIEF, where, over high tea with Ms. Elizabeth (Betsy) Devlin Foltz, the work of the Alumni i.e. U.S. Fulbright Scholars, TEA fellows and ILEP, was shared by talking about their experiences. The role and objectives of special educators in schools were also discussed.
The meeting concluded with Ms. Elizabeth Devlin informing the fellows about the changes the U.S. Education Department was planning to make in these scholarship programmes. It was also considered that the fellows of TEA, ILEP and Fulbright would form an organisation to work together for the society in the field of education Ms. Devlin is a senior program officer in Teacher Exchange Branch at the U.S. Department of States. Her visit was to take a feedback from the Alumni over tea.




30 June 2017 – Workshop - Creative Thinking by G.N. Mishra

This workshop was conducted by G.N. Mishra, Career Counsellor-TIME, for all the teachers and was mainly based on bringing creativity in classroom teaching. He stressed on introducing some teaching methods like introduction of games, throwing new challenges and inculcating a sense of confidence into the students. He also suggested to share new and interesting facts with the students each time so as to build up curiosity in them.


29 June 2017 – St. Paul’s Day

A Prayer ceremony was conducted in the School Chapel and New lobby. All the rooms of the school were blessed with Holy water and chanting.


28 June 2017 – Workshop - Iceberg Module on Attitude

This workshop was conducted by Mr. Ranjith Majumdar, H.T Pace and was attended by all teachers at St. Paul’s School Auditorium. The workshop was based on Positive thinking and Positive attitude. It was a catalyst for teachers to boost their attitude towards optimism and positivity. This encouraged all to brace the negativism in life and transform it to a positive outlook.


31 March 2017 – Workshop: Career Prospects and Teaching Practices


In collaboration with London School of Economics, Indian School of Business and Finance organised a Teacher’s Symposium at India International Centre Annexe which was attended by teachers, Ms.Sudha Bakshi and Ms.Madhulika Ghosh. The session speaker was Dr. James Abdey, Professional Lecturer from the department of Statistics. The Symposium was divided into three divisions: First session was based on career prospects of Quantitative Sciences like Statistics, Mathematics. The second session was on alternative pedagogy practices in India. The third session was on teaching practices.


30 March 2017 – Workshop: ‘Emotional Intelligence’ by Jayashree Mehta


Times of India through NIE programme organised Teacher’s workshop on Emotional Intelligence by Ms. Jayashree Mehta at St. Paul’s School Auditorium. The speaker stressed on how, when and where to use emotions. She also involved teachers in her discussions. The session also pointed out the need to make ourselves aware of emotions and different ways to implement them in the classroom.


29 March 2017 – Workshop: Intrinsic Teaching


This workshop was organised by Ms. Sheela Rao and Ms. Sagarika Mohanty at Meeting room. It was conducted for teachers to equip them with different instructional strategies for children with special needs. The workshop stressed on the following points:

    How to write an IEP and use Bloom’s Taxonomy

    Classroom management techniques

    Being empathetic towards child’s struggle

    Not to be judgemental

    Developing a relationship with students

    To be clear and precise while giving classwork and homework. 



    29 March 2017 – Workshop: HT Pace Teacher’s meet conducted by Hindustan Times


    Hindustan Times organised Teacher’s meet at Adventure Islands, Rohini and was attended by Ms. Sonia Bhatia and Ms. Neena Girish, School Librarians. Mrs. Annapoorna Sheghal, head coordinator of HT Pace and Mr.Rao, Director of Adventure Island, presided over the function by lighting the lamp. Mrs. Sheghal spoke about the importance and mission of HT Pace for students as well as schools. The event concluded with dances, Aerobics, Magic and activities.



    28 March 2017 – Workshop: Disaster Management Training Program


    This workshop was organised at Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Science and Research (DIPSAR), Pushp Vihar, and was attended by teachers - Mr. Kurian, Mr. Rajender Arya, Ms, Himani and students - Soham Pal, Nevin Joseph and Basil D. Varghese. The workshop was centered on different ways to deal with various disasters. It discussed about providing assistance to people affected by disasters. Demonstrations on first aid that can be given to the victims were shown. A Nukkad Natak was the highlight of the workshop. A play by ‘Apni Koshish’ showcased the different aspects of Earthquake and the precautions to be taken under such situation. It also stressed on fire safety measures.



    24 March 2017 – Workshop: Book Discussion by Dr. H.K.Kaul


    This was a programme organised at India International Centre by DELNET and was attended by Ms. Neena Girish, School Librarian. The book ‘Strategy of Library’ was written by Dr. H.K.Kaul. Other members of the panel were Prof. P.B. Mangala, S.S. Murthy. Dr. Kaul discussed about the changes needed in the field of Library, the different techniques and methods to be used.


    Workshop for Students

    9 August – 2017 – The International knowledge centre Bridging Global Education Seminar – St Pauls School Auditorium

    In the school auditorium from 12:45 TO 1:30 pm a seminar was conducted by IKC to help students of classes 11th and 12th plan their academic future and ponder over the prospects of higher education abroad.
    Five US delegates representing the universities in US guided the students after the seminar to decide the major courses their universities offered and students would like to pursue.
    The universities and their representatives were:

    1. Ms. Sarah Blackburn from Rutgers University, New Jersey
    2. Mr. Brian Raiche from St. Thomas University, Minnesota
    3. Mr. David Watkins, Assistant Director of International Admissions
    4. Ms. Renec Koerner from University Of Delaware
    5. Ms. Caitlin Kelley Associate Director, International Recruitment form University of Alabama.

         The mediator in India Mr. Chugh, University counsellor from Bengaluru.



    16 and 18 May 2017 – Prizes and Certificates

    The prizes and certificates were awarded for High Achievers, Full Attendance and Good Conduct for the year 2016-17 for classes VI to XI. The prizes were given by our Principal and Vice- Principals during the assembly.


    6 May 2017 – Global Interaction, an exchange of views on use of technology through Skype


    This was a Skype session of 30 minutes conducted by Ms. Sudha Bakshi between Dr. Savilla Banister and ten students of classes X and XI at Chocolate Room Cafe, Malviya Nagar. A magical moment for all as views were shared about the ethical and educational use of technology in schools. A professor at Ohio Bowling Green University, Dr. Banister was keen to learn how familiar or deft the students at St. Paul’s School are in using technology. She inquired into the use of different FOSS sites, the smart boards, smart phones, tablets, wi-fi and other sources which should only be used morally and ethically for enriching knowledge. The students’ information will be put in her book that Dr. Banister is writing.


    4 May 2017 – Mass Legal Literacy Campaign


    The South District Legal Services authority organized an interactive session for the students of Classes XI - C and XII - C in the school auditorium, on pressing socio-legal issues such as gender inequalities, sexual offences and teenage pregnancies, drug and substance abuse, etc. as part of their Legal Literacy Campaign. The resource person was Mr. Pawan Kumar Mittal, Empanelled Advocate interacted with students, and enlightened them about various legal rights and duties. How the students can become aware citizens and access various judicial services. It was an enriching experience for the students.


    17 April 2017 – Orientation for class XI students and parents


    The school organized an orientation session for the new batch of class XI in the Auditorium. Mr. Jitin Chawla, the Director of Centre of Career Development conducted the session. Many students of class XI, along with their parents attended this session. It was an informative session in which the parents were informed about the various conventional and non-conventional career options. He also told about the various careers open for students who opted for different streams. He put emphasis on the fact that all streams are equally challenging and provide equal opportunities for all the students. He also answered the queries of parents, and students gave their feedback. The students as well as the parents got a chance to gain knowledge and clear their doubts related to careers.